Happy birthday, Diamond Dave!

“My ambition is to further create a signature sound, a signature spirit, that makes some kind of contribution to music in general.” – DLR

David Lee Roth is the quintessential Arena Rock frontman of his era. These kicks and screams were not small part of it.

This DLR soundboard is hours of fun for the whole family!
DLR was always a great interviewee, but I particularly like the camaraderie on display between the two Daves here. Damn, that woulda been a good buddy pic, The Two Daves! The interview also features Diamond Dave’s story about an art installation from The Screamers, Tomata du Plenty, which was featured two days ago on Dangerous Minds. As someone who gets a TON of information from that site (though I try to repost from it minimally), it’s always gratifying to scoop them to a piece, and I featured that clip in February of this year. I think I may have even sent them a link back then, as clearly it’s perfect fodder there.


2 responses to “Happy birthday, Diamond Dave!

    • Still have a copy of that auto. The only thing that comes close, in terms of post-70’s excessive hard rockers is the Motely Crue team autobiography, The Dirt: Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band, but even collectively they don’t have the wit of Diamond Dave.


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