This woman found pics of H&M’s Balmain Collection on Google and leaked them

What prompted me to post this was the vague resemblance of items #17 and 23 to the peacock jacket in last month’s post on Cathy Moriarty as style inspiration. Sure this is more faux monkey hair than feather, but the connection remains.

As far as the rest of the collection goes, there’s alotta black and gold combos and fitted updates on military wear, not to mention beaded and rope embellishments, all of which I support. Now to initial impressions: #s 4 and 9 are regulation issue on the USS Enterprise, the cinch waisted glitter of #s 6 and 16 should be an easy sell, #8 = GOAL!!!, #10’s like a herringbone Unknown Pleasures variant, which sounds better than it probably is, the contrast in ruching and fit from top to bottom of #12 could be a winner, #20’s a showstopper party dress, #31 is a Michael Jackson-gone-hipster biker, and the textured black leather of #38 would definitely set you apart from all the other similarly clad denizens of the nighttime world.


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