Happy birthday, Daryl Hall: The Daryl Hall and Robert Fripp recordings.

In 1977, Daryl Hall, feeling the constraints of the commercial pressures surrounding Hall & Oates, decided to hit the studio with former King Crimson commander, Robert Fripp, and record an album unfettered by the need for pop hits. With Fripp as both guitarist and producer, the album was indeed well removed from the blue eyed radio Pop/Soul of Hall’s hitmaking duo.
Unfortunately for Hall, his label RCA found the recordings too experimental, and the album, Sacred Songs, would not see release for three years.

Oddly, in those intervening years, Fripp was to release his own solo LP, Exposure, featuring two vocal appearances from Hall. In fact the sessions began as a continuation of the work on Sacred Songs, and was seen as part of a Fripp trilogy of sorts, with the third act being Peter Gabriel’s, eponymous sophomore LP. Originally Hall sang six tracks slated for the album, but in a confusing battle of record company logic, RCA intervened fearing that the association with Fripp would be damaging to Hall’s career, yet they still wanted Hall to receive co-credit for the record. Mind you, Sacred Songs was still languishing unreleased during all of this. Well, as with many lost gems, these diamonds were finally mined and received release on the 2006 deluxe issue of Exposure, and now we can fully appreciate the Hall & Fripp, Fripp & Hall combination.

NYCNY, as it was called on Sacred Songs, would be re-recorded with different lyrics and vocals on Fripp’s Exposure as, I May Not Have Had Enough Of Me But I’ve Had Enough Of You.


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