What Is Royal Trux? is finally streaming on youtube!

I’ve been trying to locate my VHS of this for quite some time, and have to assume by this point that it was accidentally given away in a box of assorted videos, as I was cleaning house. Bummer. Thankfully, Conama U.S.A. recently uploaded this 1990 obscurity to youtube, exposing the world to the mad genius of early Trux. Mind you, this is for more for the Trux obsessed, as I can hardly picture anyone else having the desire to take a trip this deep into the drug addled, conspiracy riddled, Avant Rock world of early Trux. Definitely worth a look for fans, if only for the ample live footage, of which there is little else from this era. Of course Trux have a pretty hardcore fan base that will be more than happy to surrender ourselves to an hour and twenty minutes of their particular insanity.


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