Anthony Bourdain eats at Waffle House for the first time

As someone who has spent many years in the south, with a schedule that frequently saw me leaving work past last call, I have a tremendous fondness for the heroes of Waffle House. Throughout their diners the food maintains a consistency that most other chains have a difficult time maintaining. Despite the fact that the short order cooks have only a verbal order from which to work, I’ve never gotten the wrong dish, and the waitstaff have personality. You can get breakfast 24 hours a day, and they NEVER close. For so many of us, those with odd hours especially, Waffle House is a welcoming, reliable buddy.

It’s gratifying to see respected southern chef, Sean Brock of Husk Restaurant, Charleston SC, take global gourmand, Anthony Bourdain, for his virginal Waffle House experience. Bourdain, never one to shy away from a greasy spoon, seems to genuinely enjoy the Waffle House experience, declaring it, “better than French Laundry”, Thomas Keller’s legendary Napa Valley Restaurant. While certainly an amusing overstatement, it’s clear that Bourdain understands the chain’s charms.


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