1965 Pink Floyd recordings receive first official release!

Unfortunately for you and I, the release was a limited to 1000, Record Store Day double 7″, meaning that the debut of some of the most important recordings of the Rock era went directly into the hands of Ebay flippers (where the record is already selling for hundreds), and record speculators. Thankfully, the band have stated that they intend for a wider release of the songs by the end of next year. Apparently the recordings were about to legally enter public domain, if they did not see a release in this, the 50th year of their performance, hence the relatively limited fanfare and small pressing for a release of such historical significance.

While I have long been familiar with the Slim Harpo cover I’m A King Bee, and Syd Barrett original, Lucy Leave, the other four songs (Double O Bo, Remember Me, Butterfly, and Walk With Me Sydney) have, to my knowledge, never even received bootleg release, which is HUGE for fans who have lapped up every unofficial release of wildly varying quality, just for a chance to bask in the glory of any moment of Barrett era Floyd. In case you can’t tell, I CAN NOT WAIT to hear this!

All of this begs the question: when are we gonna get an official release of Vegetable Man, and Scream Thy Last Scream?!

Oh, the sleeve design for this record, that you will most likely never own,  was done by Storm Studios, which was founded by Hipgnosis designer, Storm Thorgerson, and is based on a photo by fellow Hipgnosis designer, Aubrey Powell, of Peter Wynne-Willson’s oil based light projections that Pink Floyd made famous with their performances at clubs like UFO and The Roundhouse.



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