Converse releases Sex Pistols inspired series

Nevermind The Yeezys, Here’s The Chucks. Without the Jamie Reid, Never Mind The Bollocks, or God Save The Queen art, I’ve gotta say that I’m disappointed.

sex pistols converse


Today is the 40th Anniversary of Patti Smith’s landmark debut, Horses

Horses was a crucial step in the evolution of New York Rock & Roll, blending a reverence for Smith’s musical and literary influences, with a fresh and vital perspective on those traditions, and in so doing, it helped lay the groundwork for New York’s (and by proxy, the world’s), nascent Punk scene. Smith’s shamanic, poetic explorations were ably abetted by the sympathetic musicians who would form the core of her band, for the following several years (and further), Lenny Kaye, Ivan Kral, Jay Dee Daugherty and Richard Sohl, who provided both solid ground and an improvisational fluidity perfectly suited to Smith’s style. Add some help from Television’s, Tom Verlaine, Blue Oyster Cult’s, Alan Lanier, John Cale behind the board, god of all that is mastering, Bob Ludwig, on post-production, and the now iconic Robert Mapplethorpe cover photo, and you’ve got yourself a masterpiece, every bit as vital today as it was forty years ago.

If it ain’t Stiff, it ain’t worth a fuck! Watch the recent Stiff Records BBC documentary, AND the Live Stiffs Tour Movie

Lots of great live footage, behind the scenes bits and interviews available here, with the first wave of Stiff artists like Elvis Costello, Ian Dury, Nick Lowe, Larry Wallis, Dave Edmunds and Wreckless Eric, and the documentary covers the ensuing label shake ups and signings, as well. Dunno why the Tour Movie is in black & white, as there are other clips available in color on youtube, but this is complete and actually looks and sounds better. Both of these were just uploaded within the past couple of months, and are well worth watching. I’ve got one thing to say: I’m A Police Car!

Check out a recently uploaded documentary on The Saints, and another on their debut LP, (I’m) Stranded

One of Australia’s greatest exports, The Saints first single, (I’m) Stranded, was released in September 1976, beating The Damned’s first single, New Rose to the shelves by a month, and ahead of any releases by the first wave of ’77 UK Punk including the Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks, The Clash, The Stranglers, Vibrators, etc, making it a landmark recording in Punk, not to mention one hell of a debut.

Just take it from Nick Cave: “They were kind of god-like to me and my colleagues. They were just always so much better than everybody else. It was extraordinary to go and see a band that was so anarchic and violent.”

Can’t wait to watch these. Know Your Product!

Happy birthday to Hugh Cornwell

The Stranglers are one of the top 5 bands to emerge from the original 70’s UK Punk days, and are still criminally under acknowledged in The States.

Best wishes to Norton Records honcho, Billy Miller

Billy has been battling Multiple Myeloma, and recently underwent a leg amputation to stave off further complications. For more info, click the link and get the story straight from Billy’s wife and partner at Norton, not to mention original Cramps drummer, Miriam Linna. The pair have been tireless champions of quality music, exposing the world to some of the wildest sounds ever recorded, and deserve endless thanks for it.

Billy Miller and Miriam Linna of Norton Records and The A-Bones, photographed in front of their record collection at their home in Brooklyn, NY.

Billy Miller and Miriam Linna of Norton Records and The A-Bones, photographed in front of their record collection at their home in Brooklyn, NY.

We’re always making plans for Colin

Though Andy Partridge was the principal songwriter for XTC, bassist Colin Moulding contributed several of the groups biggest and best, including Life Begins At The Hop, Making Plans For Nigel, and Generals and Majors. Happy birthday, Colin!

Songs of The Day: Pack – Nobody Can Tell Us, Com’ On, and Lookin’ For Danger

Germany’s finest thugs somehow wrangled their way into a film, with two songs no less. Even more astonishing is that guitarist/singer, Jorg Evers, was in a late 70’s-early 80’s, Amon Duul II, went on to be involved in some disco productions and now heads GEMA, the German equivalent of ASCAP and BMI. Crazy! Just goes to show ya, never be afraid to let your freak flag fly.

The Mummies covered this one…

Watch the trailer for the new Julien Temple directed documentary , The Ecstasy of Wilko Johnson

Wilko Johnson is one of the most unique and powerful guitarists to have emerged from the first era of UK Punk and Pub Rock. After watching the trailer check out the following set with Wilko absolutely slaying it with Dr Feelgood in 1975, if any evidence to that fact is necessary. Slashing chords that clearly had an influence on the nascent Punk scene. Oh, Game of Thrones fans will also recognize Wilko as mute executioner, Ilyn Payne.