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Watch a recently posted video of Teen Angels, and understand why I miss Kelly Canary

Kelly Canary was the throat shredding vocalist for one of the toughest bands to emerge, if only slightly, from the Seattle Grunge scene, Dickless. With only a single and a few comp tracks to their name, Dickless’ discography is woefully scant and I’ve been waiting years for a proper retrospective, and/or some live footage, to no avail. Fortunately, youtube user Mike Ziegler, has been uploading a veritable fuck ton of rare performances (do yourself a favor and check his page, but set aside some time), and hidden among them is this set from Canary’s post-Dickless band, Teen Angels. With the frightening ferocity of a cornered feral beast, Canary growls and screams in a manner that must have been hell on her vocal chords, but is absolute manna for someone attracted to musical primal rage.

For those interested in enjoying a full night of mid-90’s Punk spew as it existed, there are sets from the same show featuring Red Aunts and Clawhammer.


Teen Angels disbanded after just a couple of years, and Canary is now a lawyer, working as a public defender, and for a time providing legal advice for the Innocence Project. There’s even a C-Span video in which she appears with Damien Echols, incarcerated as a member of the West Memphis 3 and author of Life After Death, discussing both Echols case and wrongful conviction  in general.

I would like to thank Kelly Canary for both her music and her work in public defense, but would also like to add that I’ll be waiting for any return to the stage, unlikely though it may be, some twenty years later.

Newly posted live video of Country Teasers in Louisville

Having posted several other Country Teasers videos, I’m always surprised at how many views they end up receiving. It’s not like they are a particularly well known band, but those of us who love them, obviously cannot get enough.

Watch Platinum Tips, from Royal Trux performance at Webster Hall, last night

The reunion moves on, as a third reunion date has been confirmed for next year’s Levitation Festival.

Get an MBV Loveless duvet cover as a constant reminder of the sad state of affairs that is your love life

Actually, it’s pretty cool and stylish, making it the perfect winter warmer in which to wrap yourselves as you listen to Creation Records soon to be released 5CD history of Shoegaze comp, Still In A Dream.

my bloody valentine loveless duvet


The story of Harvey Danger’s, Flagpole Sitta.
So I just watched the first episode of the new, and final, season of one of the funniest shows of all time, Peep Show, to which Flagpole Sitta provides the theme, and wanted to post this interesting, recent look at the enduring legacy of a nineties one hit wonder. Now barring the aforementioned hit, I was entirely unfamiliar with Harvey Danger’s catalog, but as for as random nineties alterna radio rock goes, this is one of the few songs that I’ve always enjoyed hearing (the Peep Show connection has only legitimized that feeling). Cute, catchy and instantly recognizable, the music belies the song’s cynical and disaffected lyrical bent, which only adds to it’s credibility as a Post-Grunge, Powerpop/Pop-Punk though it is, generational anthem.

Having listened to the other songs linked in this post, I think that had they been around in the more indie band friendly eighties, Harvey Danger could have ridden the crest of College Rock, alongside R.E.M., The Replacements, and other such luminaries, to a place well beyond the land of the one hit wonder. Either way, it’s nice to hear a popular Rock song from that era that doesn’t suck. Know what I mean?

Been around the world and found
That only stupid people are breeding
The cretins cloning and feeding
And I don’t even own a TV

Also, is it just me or does anyone else think that it bears at least a slight resemblance to this part of Willie Wonka’s bad trip boat ride? Anyone wanna do a mash up?

What Is Royal Trux? is finally streaming on youtube!

I’ve been trying to locate my VHS of this for quite some time, and have to assume by this point that it was accidentally given away in a box of assorted videos, as I was cleaning house. Bummer. Thankfully, Conama U.S.A. recently uploaded this 1990 obscurity to youtube, exposing the world to the mad genius of early Trux. Mind you, this is for more for the Trux obsessed, as I can hardly picture anyone else having the desire to take a trip this deep into the drug addled, conspiracy riddled, Avant Rock world of early Trux. Definitely worth a look for fans, if only for the ample live footage, of which there is little else from this era. Of course Trux have a pretty hardcore fan base that will be more than happy to surrender ourselves to an hour and twenty minutes of their particular insanity.