Happy birthday, Olivia Newton John. Hopelessly devoted…


Song of The Day: John Stewart – Gold

I’ve loved this song ever since it used to play on my mom’s AM car radio. The harmony between Stewart, and, an uncredited, Stevie Nicks, puts it over the top. Also, I just found out that Stewart was a long standing member of The Kingston Trio, and wrote The Monkees #1 hit, Daydream Believer. Happy birthday, John.

Songs of The Day: Cat Stevens – Trouble (1970), and Was Dog A Doughnut? (1977)

Happy birthday, Yusuf. I, as many people, have a particular fondness for Cat’s tender tracks that appeared in Harold & Maude, of which Trouble is my favorite. I would be remiss however, if I did not also post the underground electro classic that is, Was Dog A Doughnut.

Here’s a teaser for Part 2 of Psychemagik’s Private Press obscurities comp, Magik Sunset

Psychemagik have unimpeachable tastes when it comes to track selection, never choosing tunes simply for their rarity, but for their enduring merit. These guys know grooves.

and part 1, in case you’re interested

Happy birthday, Stevie Nicks: Pt II – The Music

I’ve always enjoyed Stevie Nicks, but sometime in the past few years, my fondness has grown even more substantial. It started with a personal Fleetwood Mac renaissance, where I was listening to demos, outtakes, shows, pretty much anything and everything from their blues era into the mid-80’s. This, of course, led to me searching the archives for similar rarities from Mac members, during which I found a plethora of rare recordings from Stevie. I realized that her demos are every bit as enthralling as her released versions, and often, stunningly delicate and intimate. Let’s face it, Stevie Nicks shines in any format.

Stevie and Mick joining former Mac man, Bob Welch

Of course everyone knows Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around, but this clip of Stevie taking lead on Petty’s rocking, I Need To Know, is a rare treat.

Happy birthday, Gerry Rafferty

There have been days when I have listened to any of these songs at least ten times in a row

This is a fantastic documentary about Gerry Rafferty’s troubled genius

Happy birthday to John Oates and his mustache

I absolutely love Hall & Oates, always have and always will. Apparently though, it is not in the cards for me to see them live. I had tickets to see them in Big Flats, NY, and they cancelled due to illness. A year or two later as I was visiting my parents in Florida, I found out that they were playing at a great theater, a few miles from my folks home. My girlfriend and I planned to pick up tickets, the following day, but you know what I woke up to? My mom telling me to turn on the TV because a plane had crashed into the Twin Towers. Yep, it was 9-11. Needless to say, the tour dates were off and I have not attempted to see them since. I mean, I was raised on them and clearly I adore their infectious pop/soul hybrid, but who wants to be responsible for national disasters?
On a lighter note, please enjoy this animated ode to the glory of Oates’ mustache

Happy birthday, Karen Carpenter

Todd Haynes controversial biopic, Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story, was for many years, a difficult movie to obtain, giving the film a mystique and reputation that helped establish it as a cult classic. Told primarily with the use of Barbie dolls, director Haynes negative portrayal of Karen’s family, and plentiful use of uncleared songs from not only The Carpenters catalog, but that of others seventies superstars, led to a successful lawsuit, by Richard Carpenter, to pull the film from whatever minimal distribution it had received. As the saying goes, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity”, and Haynes successive films each received wider recognition, due in no small part to the initial controversy surrounding the film.

Song Of The Day: Danny James Etc – Tight Lipped

Amazing 70’s Pop God worship, from a former member of The Cuts. Think Paul McCartney, Badfinger, Emitt Rhodes, and all things Roy Wood and Jeff Lynne. First song from his forthcoming LP on Burger Records, who burn through releases, leaving a trail of awesomeness in their path. http://www.burgerrecords.org/