The final season of Peep Show starts November 11!!!

Which gives you a little more than ten days to re-watch the first eight seasons. Here, I’ll help get you started…


Song Of The Day: Matt Berry – Fallen Angel

Best known as a British comic actor, for his roles in such classics as The Mighty Boosh, Snuff Box, Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, and The IT Crowd, Matt Berry is also an accomplished musician with five albums and a multitude of soundtrack work to his credit. Fallen Angel, from 2013’s Kill The Wolf, is a haunting melody, proving that Berry’s familiarity and skill with the three horned beast of Baroque Psychedelia, Acid Folk and Prog, is more than just a lark, though he is clearly having some fun with the genres tropes.

The ‘Blackadder’ Sketches That Cemented Rowan Atkinson As A Comedy Force

Happy Birthday, Rowan Atkinson, Mr Bean to many, forever Edmund Blackadder to me


Blackadder II

Rowan Atkinson turns 60 today. Here in the United States he is best known for his fumbling, mostly-mute character Mr. Bean, but Atkinson first struck gold in England with four series of Blackadder and subsequent specials. His titular character Edmund Blackadder gave British audiences a hilarious history lesson rife with kings, queens, wars, and wordplay.

If you aren’t British, then you likely didn’t see get Blackadder when it was originally broadcast. But these days many clips and full episodes exist on the endless time-suck of YouTube, which means you now have no excuse to miss seeing Colin Firth get punched in the face and Hugh Laurie wearing a blonde wig.

Here are six of the best clips to get you started:

1. The Black Adder

Set during the Middle Ages, Blackadder‘s initial series introduces the character as a scheming ex-Duke. Desperate to escape his past, he settles on a new identity and gets…

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