Happy birthday, Steve Howe

Before the million selling Prog Rock machine of Yes, Steve Howe slayed guitar in The Syndicats, responsible for the Joe Meek produced, freakbeat monster, Crawdaddy Simone, and psych legends Tomorrow.


Happy birthday, Eddy Grant

Eddy Grant, best known for his ubiquitous eighties jam, Electric Avenue, was making music of a very different type throughout the 60’s and 70’s in his band, The Equals. The Equals combination of Soul and R&B infused Mod Rock produced a string of hits, including the #1 UK chart topper, Baby Come Back, and the anti-authoritarian anthem, Police On My Back, later covered by The Clash. At their best, The Equals were the rival of any of their more famous contemporaries. Just watch some of these performances and try to deny their explosiveness.

The B-Side wins again with one of my favorites, The Guy Who Made Her A Star

Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys became an anti-war, racial equality, funk anthem!

Time Warp is an underground classic of electro funk.

I didn’t plan on watching this 1986 solo set from Eddy, but I did and lemme say it’s mighty good

I’ll leave with the one that started on, but this time by The Clash