Happy birthday, Phil Harris


A Hawkwind, T Rex, Alice Cooper big band medley?

Happy birthday to James Last. These tracks appear on Last’s, Non Stop Dancing 1973, which also features Slade, Sweet, The Who and Gary Glitter covers, in it’s grooves.

Happy birthday to master arranger and producer, Quincy Jones

Dig on some of Q’s best…
A very cool Soul Train appearance

His 1962 classic, Soul Bossa Nova, best known for it’s inclusion in, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

His 1966 soundtrack for the 1966 film, The Deadly Affair, features this beautiful composition song by the always wonderful, Astrud Gilberto

a few from one of my favorite soundtracks, The Lost Man

Killer Joe from Walking In Space, released, as was The Lost Man, in 1969

1970’s Gula Matari

As monumental as Michael Jackson’s Thriller was, it’s Quincy’s production on Jackson’s previous LP, Off The Wall, that I proclaim to be not only better, but one of the best productions/arrangements of ANY pop album of all time. There’s so much going on under the surface in that recording, but it’s perfectly nuanced so as to never be too busy or overbearing. The work of a seasoned master.