Happy birthday, Philip Kindred Dick!

“What we have here, he realized, is not an invasion of Earth by Proxmen, beings from
another system. Not an invasion by the legions of a pseudo-human race. No. It’s Palmer Eldritch
who’s everywhere, growing and growing like a mad weed….With vast trailing arms he extended
from the Proxima Centaurus system to Terra itself, and he was not human; this was not a man who
had returned. And he had great power. He could overcome death.”

As might be suggested by my pen name, Philip K Dick’s writing has played a significant part in my damaged psyche. I own more books by PKD than any other author, probably pushing fifty with copies of varying editions, and I always check the Sci-Fi “D” section in any bookstore that I hit. I’ve returned to the the Valis Trilogy more often than any other works of fiction and have spent far more time reading his letters, interviews, notes and exegesis than should be wise or legal. He has the rare ability to articulate the implausible in such a way as to make it sound not only reasonable, but the height of sanity.

Anyway, I’ll write more about PKD in the future, for now check out some covers… http://pkdickbooks.com/foreign.php

I own 27 of the above editions!