Like Judas Priest and/or The Slits? Like Coffee? Now you can have your coffee cake and eat it, too.

Well, coffee beans, actually. Chicago’s Dark Matter Coffee has teamed with both Judas Priest and The Slits guitarist, Viv Albertine, to produce specially selected blends in the name of each. The Judas Priest, British Steel blend, eponymously commemorates the 35th Anniversary of the metal gods classic 1980 LP, and comes with with a single featuring Grinder, of course. Viv Albertine’s coffee is named Dream Cuts, I assume as a nod to the Slits debut, Cut.

What these coffees have to do with said performers is unknown to me, but if you wanna show some band loyalty in your choice of caffeination, hop to it. The Priest beans are limited and pre-orders have begun for the 14th of April. Viv’s blend is currently available, with no note of quantities.