The story and science behind Joy Division’s, Unknown Pleasures cover

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The tale of one of the most enduring and iconic images of modern music, from designer Peter Saville


The designer behind the fashion in Gustav Klimt’s paintings, Emilie Flöge

From the always fabulous Messy Nessy

Celebrate the wisdom of R Buckminster Fuller, on his birthday

Huge sale on Art, Architecture, Design and Photography books from the fantastic Taschen Books. LAST DAY!!!

Lots of amazing stuff priced down from $14.99 to $4.99, but if you wanna really pony up, you can save $501 on their collection of the magazine, Arts and Architecture 1945-1954, packaged in ten boxes, each containing a year’s worth of issues. Plenty of bargains at all levels in between, as well, and it’s Taschen, so quality is assured. Happy hunting!

Pic from their Fritz Kahn collection marked down $30

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Harry Bertoia would have been 100 today!

The name Harry Bertoia is most often associated with his highly collectible modern furniture (most famously, the metal wire Bertoia Chair), but it’s his sound sculpture design that I find most intriguing. Bertoia’s sculptural work with metal led to a fascination with the unique sounds that metals produced causing Bertoia to investigate sound designs. These sculptures, referred to as Sonambient for the series of privately released LPs he issued bearing that name, were designed to be played by both human hands and nature itself. For example, wind might move a set of metal rods, to strike each other at varying intensity, producing a sound and intensity of increasing density and volume, as determined by nature, the musician. In theory it’s similar to wind chimes that might be on your porch, in reality the sounds produced are haunting, ethereal, otherworldly transmissions, deeply reverberating and resonant.

To call this a “documentary” is misleading as it is predominantly a collection of experimental films featuring Bertoia’s work.

The Kickstarter to help preserve the 350+ reels of UNHEARD tape from the Bertoia Archives, finishes today and surpassed it’s goal! And the people responsible are putting out a box set of all eleven original Sonambient Records! Happy birthday, Harry!