Song of The Day: Eric Hysteric – (I Want To Be A) Kid Forever

R.I.P. to Eric Hysteric, of Vomit Visions, Der Durstige Mann, and a solo career which produced this anthemic ode to eternal youth. The 2016 death toll continues unabated.


Happy birthday, Epic Soundtracks

Swell Maps are one of my favorite bands of all time. Sadly, Epic’s death in 1997, left my fantasy of Swell Maps reuniting, unfulfilled. I would have sold off whatever was necessary to have made one gig, anywhere. Although I never had the good fortune to see them, I do have a big, screened poster of their first gig in London, with Prag Vec and The Raped, that I traded for some records years ago, and of which I am very proud. I also have all their original LPs and have downloaded the few live gigs that the have turned up on the internet.

Of course Epic was more than just a Swell Map, putting in time with Crime and The City Solution, These Immortal Souls and a fair amount of solo work to boot. As amazing as some of that was, to me it all lives in the shadow of the Maps greatness. Actually, I was going to expound upon my feelings, but it’s all inadequate to their legacy, and really, they kind of leave me speechless. I’ll leave you with four words: Listen to Swell Maps.
Download a gig from 1979 here…