Happy Birthday, Mary J


One noting you into the ground, aka, The “Tight Bros From Way Back When” tape

Do you wanna know who unleashed the greatest guitar solo ever, Robin Trower, David Gilmour, Jimmy Page or Ritchie Blackmore? Just ask Derek.

This recorded phone conversation contains some of the greatest fanboy proselytizing ever put to tape. Unaware of being recorded, Derek expounds upon his intimate knowledge of the live guitar prowess of several legends, whom he has seen while experiencing varying levels of “tripping” or “flipping”. Trust me, when you hear Derek go off. you’ll be as blown away as you would have by the solos themselves. The dude seriously shreds at guitar worship.

The tape is 42 minutes, and all worth a listen, but Derek’s zeal really takes flight in the last section posted here


The rest of the tape is animated at the same site, or you can dl the audio here:

Dangerous Minds was kind enough to get the back story on the tape http://dangerousminds.net/comments/charles_bukowski_jeff_spicoli_and_lester_bangs_on_pcp

This is some of the best eavesdropping this side of the Raymond and Peter tapes (jump ahead and check those out, or I’ll eventually post them here)

Nita Rossi – Untrue, Unfaithful (1965)

I’ve been a fan of this song since I picked it up on a girl groups comp fifteenish years ago. This week I was reminded of it by a nice remix coming from DJ Snatch. To my surprise I also found out that it had a re-release two years ago, due to it’s use in a commercial for the British soap opera, Emmerdale. Glad to see that it was plucked from obscurity with Rossi seeing some love and iTunes royalties.

The B-side to her follow up single is also worth a listen

Folkadelphia Session: Chelsea Wolfe


Finally, Folkadelphia is pleased to present the premiere of Chelsea Wolfe‘s Folkadelphia Session, recorded 5 months ago from today – how time flies – but what an absolutely perfect one for Halloween. The genesis of our session with Wolfe can be tracked to the end of 2012 when we saw she was performing at the tiny and intimate First Unitarian Church Chapel. Jump forward in time through two albums (Unknown Rooms and last year’s Pain is Beauty), various tours, and a handful of emails back-and-forth, and we finally were able to welcome Wolfe and her band to the WXPN studio. Why the extra enthusiasm for this session? Why try so hard to record a single artist? Well, listen to Chelsea Wolfe and you’ll immediately find out why.

Chelsea Wolfe is basically a genre unto herself. Unclassifiable not only because she seemingly stands apart from easy stylistic…

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Kym Amps – The promo video for “You Don’t Know My Name”!

Kym Amps sole recording was this 1981 single. It’s a shame because “You Don’t Know My Name” sounds so contemporary, that if you told someone it was Glass Candy, they’d believe it. Call it darkwave, coldwave, minimal synth or whatever, ultimately it’s catchy as fuck and should have led to other such recordings. Apparently Miss Amps has since become a singer of classical music.

and here’s a downloadable extended edit from Black Sand

R.I.P. Lynsey De Paul

I just happened to be searching for this video when I noticed the tragic news of Lynsey De Paul’s death just two days ago, Oct 1st. Glad we’ve got this sweet bubblegum confection to remember her by.

And here’s a nice little downloadable re-edit to take with you