Tesla set to introduce Home Energy Battery!


This is huge news not only for people trying to live “off the grid” (and really, who doesn’t wanna kick their electric company to the curb?), but for the greater global energy crisis and environmental concerns, as well. Coupled with a solar installation, it would be possible to reduce your dependence on your utility company drastically, if not entirely, depending, of course, on it’s strength and your needs.

With a projected production date of six months, this is a topic that should be feverishly discussed as that time grows nearer. My major concern is what sort of impediments and regulations will issue forth from power companies, to obstruct a less grid driven lifestyle? And, of course, less dependence on current electrical distribution will eventually result in job losses on one end, but will open up other employment opportunities as the new market emerges. Either way, times change and people need to adapt, especially to ways globally beneficial.

Tesla is also an advocate of the open source patents, allowing others to further develop their ideas. There is some question as to just how “open” these patents are, with hedge clauses that would allow Tesla to seek recompense and/or partial or total ownership of products not produced/used in a manner described by the vague phrase “good faith”. Regardless, the effort towards working with, as opposed to completely against as is generally the case in free market development, is a positive sign, and one that is seeing some support via endeavors like The Open Source Science Project (of which, Tesla is a member). http://www.theopensourcescienceproject.com/

Tesla’s current residential battery system http://www.solarcity.com/residential/energy-storage

And then of course there is this sort of legislation, which will be but one obstacle