Synchronized swimming set to Goblin’s theme from Suspiria

So this happened…


Happy birthday, Gene Tierney

Watch Gene Tierney star in her most famous role, as the titular character in Otto Preminger’s 1944 Film Noir, Laura, alongside Vincent Price, Clifton Webb and Dana Andrews. It’s also streaming on Netflix, if you prefer larger screen viewing, and who doesn’t?


Put the blame on Mame, boys. It’s Rita Hayworth’s birthday!

Now do yourself a favor, whether it’s your first or fiftieth time, watch Gilda. Hayworth absolutely transfixes as the titular femme fatale. Sidenote: Rita sings the version of PTBOM, in which she is playing guitar, all other vocals for Gilda are handled by Anita Ellis. Sidenote #2: Rita Hayworth is my Dad’s celebrity crush, understandably.

TCM is showing John Boorman’s classic thriller today at 4:30 Eastern Standard Time

If you haven’t seen Point Blank, I recommend you stop what you’re doing, tune in, and have your mind blown. If you have seen Point Blank, I assume you’ve already done so. Starring Lee Marvin and Angie Dickinson (who has one of the best freakouts in movie history here), Point Blank combines techniques from the Film Noir and French New Wave schools and creates one of the most stylish visions that I’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing. So many of the images were immediately burned in my memory, and have gone on to influence a legion of directors. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen it (why I don’t have a DVD copy is beyond me), and am totally excited about catching it on TCM with no commercials.

Remembering Gene Tierney on her birthday

A true talent and beauty from Hollywood’s Golden Age.
The movie for which she was nominated for an Academy Award

and a pair for those who love film noir
Where The Sidewalk Ends

Night and The City

and a bio I intend to check out later

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