Musicians will soon be able to download Pro Tools for free

Exciting news for those interested in Pro Tools software, but hesitant to drop the bucks. Sounds like it will be pretty versatile, all things considered.

Consequence of Sound

Good news for those fledgling musicians and producers hesitant to pony up the big bucks for Pro Tools: A free version of the music audio software is on the way.

For decades now, Pro Tools and its various bundles have cost a pretty penny: A quick Amazon search yields price tags in the $700 range. Factor in any of the hardware add-ons and the final cost can easily run into the thousands. It’s because of that sizable financial component, paired with Pro Tools’ storied status and history in music-producing circles, that Avid Technology’s announcement of a totally free (that’s $0.00!) edition is bound to stir up chatter within the industry.

As to be expected, the forthcoming “Pro Tools First” won’t come loaded with all the goodies offered by the full version. Instead of eight total track inputs, there will only be four. Also, projects cannot later be exported to either iTunes and SoundCloud…

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