Complete footage of The Yardbirds live in 1967, just uploaded!

Where else are you gonna see Jimmy Page whip out a Vox Phantom? Could have done without Mr You’re A Better Man Than I, though.


Happy birthday to Sam The Sham Sumudio

Someone get that man a Ring Dang Doo! Now Wooly Bully!













Happy 75th birthday, Roy Head!

I’ve got an unreleased Roy Head reel-to-reel demo, from presumably the late 70’s-early 80’s, for which I’ve never had the equipment to listen. Maybe now that I’ve reminded myself, I’ll get off my ass, digitize it and offer it up here. Until then, take a gander at Roy’s hot dance moves, as he performs his classic, Treat Her Right. Hey! Alright! Work it now!

The Boss covers The Easybeats

Watching Easybeats videos in remembrance of singer Stevie Wright, I stumbled on this cover from last year’s Australian, Bruce Springsteen tour. Watching Springsteen attack the bouncy, can’t-wait-for-the- weekend anthem, with his raspy delivery and aggressive demeanor, makes for a fascinating study in contrasts. Fortunately, because it’s The Boss, it totally works. R.I.P. Stevie.

R.I.P. to The Easybeats, Stevie Wright

The Easybeats were Australia’s finest proponents of 60’s Garage Beat, Pop and Psych, and Stevie Wright was undoubtedly one of the finest singers to emerge from that scene. With 1966’s slice of pure Pop perfection, Friday on My Mind, The Easybeats cracked the Top 20 in both the US and UK, a feat that no future Easy’s single was able to repeat. Their lack of international follow up success is as ¬†confounding as it is a shame, as The Easybeats were¬†clearly one of the era’s best. Thankfully their homeland gave the boys the chart topping success that they deserved with three numbers ones, and a string of successful singles.

The good news is that there is a substantial amount of footage of the band in their prime, which clearly backs their legend. Enjoy.

From the bands 1968 Pop Psych masterpiece, Vigil, which featured the party rocker, Good Times, which has become a staple of numerous bands live sets over the ensuing years.



$25 today only at Light In The Attic: Lee Hazlewood 11 (!) 7″ box set, You Turned My Head Around: Lee Hazlewood Industries 1967-1970

Save $19 on Light In The Attic’s collection of LHI Records singles, featuring Lee Hazlewood produced rarities from The Kitchen Cinq, Honey Ltd, Hamilton Streetcar, Ann Margret, 2 Lee 45s, and more. A helluva deal for the Hazlewood fan.

Watch the trailer for a forthcoming biopic on Daniel Johnston, produced by Lana Del Ray and Mac Miller

A very different take than 2005’s fantastic, The Devil and Daniel Johnston documentary, this film seeks to take the viewer inside Daniel Johnston’s unique mind. Del Ray not only receives a production credit, but contributes a cover of Johnston’s Some Things Last A Long Time.