We’ve Got A Fuzzbox And We’re Gonna Use It!!

Today would have been guitarist Jo Dunne’s 47th birthday, had she not tragically succumbed to cancer two years ago. I will fondly remember Dunne for her contribution to the first Fuzzbox (back when the used the full We’ve Got A Fuzzbox And We’re Gonna Use It, moniker) single, Rules and Regulations, which I purchased on 12″, with an etched b-side, when it was released. Loved it then, love it now. Oh yeah, watch the videos and dig on their fun, oh-so-80’s, UK street punk/wave fashion sense.

And here’s the single from their first LP…


Happy birthday, Twiggy

Everyone knows Twiggy as the pixieish moppet model that became the face of Swinging Sixties London, but fewer know of her contemporaneous singles, which is a shame as Beautiful Dreams is one of the greatest tracks of the era, with a beautiful arrangement from John Hawksworth, best known for his Library recordings on labels such as KPM, Music De Wolfe, Conroy, and others.

There are two versions of Beautiful Dreams, this one featuring a theremin.

And the theremin-less version

Come closer darlin’, closer to me
Come closer darlin’, strike up the light, strike up the light
Come beautiful dreams
Now I can see you, great as can be
Your face in the shadows, smiling at me
Smiling at me
Oh beautiful dreams
Why did you leave me?
To wander alone
Loneliness brings tears to my eyes, my eyes, my eyes
Now I wont see you, appear again
Only in dreams, beautiful dreams, beautiful dreams
Oh beautiful dreams
Why did you leave me?
To wander alone
Loneliness brings tears to my eyes, my eyes, my eyes
Now I want see you, appear again
Only in dreams, beautiful dreams
Beautiful dreams
Oh beautiful dreams
Oh beautiful dreams, Oh beautiful dreams, Oh beautiful dreams

Happy birthday, Jackie DeShannon

Even if she never wrote another song, When You Walk In The Room, would guarantee Jackie DeShannon a spot in Pop music history. This song always knocks me out.

I can feel a new expression on my face
I can feel a glowing sensation taking place
I can hear the guitars playing lovely tunes
Every time that you walk in the room

I close my eyes for a second and pretend it’s me you want
Meanwhile I try to act so nonchalant
I see a summer’s night with a magic moon
Every time that you walk in the room

Maybe it’s a dream come true
Walkin’ right along side of you
Wish I could tell you how much I care
But I only have the nerve to stare

I can feel a something pounding in my brain
Just any time that someone speaks your name
Trumpets sound and I hear thunder boom
Every time that you walk in the room
Every time that you walk in the room

Song of The Day: Chico’s Girl by The Girls, Susan Barrett, and The Crystals

Three epic and awesome takes on the Weill/Mann penned, Girl Group tale of misunderstood biker boy, Chico. No one knows the tender side that Chico hides from the world.

Song of The Day: Josephine Sunday – You Won’t Even Know Her Name

Mike Curb doing his best Phil Spector, on this wonderful 1965 single. I never knew til now, that the backing band was Davie Allan And The Arrows, best known for their furious 60’s Biker Rock soundtrack sides.

Some classics from the Burt Bacharach songbook, on his birthday

See song of the day for My Little Red Book

A hat trick of Walk On By

possibly my favorite Bacharach cover. This is a great track with which to start a out a slow DJ night. Let it’s glorious twelve minutes play out as you get your drink and finish setting up, and if it slips into Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic before your done, even better.

Loved the use of this in the first season (aka, the watchable season) of Helix

The Quietus interviews Vashti Bunyan and Animal Collective, as their Prospect Hummer EP gets re-released

After thirty five years away from the music scene, Acid Folk legend Vashti Bunyan was coaxed out of retirement to record 2005’s, Prospect Hummer EP, with Animal Collective. In those intervening years, Bashti’s two sixties singles and her sole, 1970, LP, Just Another Diamond Day (featuring Dave Swarbrick of Fairport Covention, Robin Williamson of The Incredible String Band, and produced by Joe Boyd) amassed a significant reputation and cult following. Add to that, her complete disappearance from the public eye and, well, you have the stuff of which musical legends are made.

The interview is specifically with Bunyan and Josh Dibb, aka Deakin, of Animal Collective