Happy birthday to Mick Mars

Motley Crue’s 1981 debut, Too Fast For Love, is one of my favorite albums. I remember as a pre-teen, I tried to order it, while it was still on Leathur Records, and had to wait for the Elektra version for my local Coconuts to finally stock it. Even listening to it today, I’m struck by how well it has aged. The band were clearly hungry as the songs have an intensity and urgency to them that they would never replicate. And while it was clearly, as Mick Mars famously advertised his guitar style, “loud, rude and aggressive”, it had a definite pop sensibility, made all the more apparent by the inclusion of The Raspberries cover, Tonight, on the 2003 reissue of TFFL.

This show from 1982, documents the band during the interim between the release of the debut and the star making follow up, Shout At The Devil, as the truly prove their mettle. Oh, and Mick’s guitar? Loud, rude and aggressive as hell.