MC Serch tells amazing Bushwick Bill story involving a brick, bricks, guns, and sibling rivalry.

And this probably isn’t even in the Top 20 of Bushwick Bill stories waiting to be told.


Dave Tompkins on Timmy Thomas, Drake’s “Hotline Bling”, racism, Richard Nixon and The Twilight Zone

Because a new Dave Tompkins piece is always a cause for celebration, even when it features Drake, and it gives me a chance to post this Drake/A-Ha gif.

It’s his birthday and, homeboy, he came to party. Keep it grimey, N.O.R.E.

When Capone-N-Noreaga busted outta Queens in the mid 90’s, with Mobb Deep connections and tracks like LA,LA, Illegal Life and T.O.N.Y., they quickly became mixtape staples destined for a fast come up.

Unfortunately for the duo, Capone got locked up after the release of their debut LP, The War Report, leaving N.O.R.E. to go solo. Not one to be left hanging, N.O.R.E. hooked up with some of Hip-Hop’s hottest producers (Trackmasters, L.E.S., Marley Marl, Neptunes) and released his eponymous solo LP to greater success than C-N-N, with The Neptunes produced Super Thug hitting #36 on the Billboard Hot 100. That Neptunes connection proved to be the proverbial golden egg laying goose, producing some of N.O.R.E.’s best and biggest, culminating in 2003’s, God’s Favorite which peaked at #3 and produced the Top 10 single, Nothin’, and Club classic, Grimey. Fuck the straight Henny, just grab him a beer.

Amazing French Proto-Hip-Hop from 1975, by Michel Magne

Not only are the sounds ahead of the curve, the Mickey Mouse crucifixion cover says, “Let’s Take A Trip Down To Dysmaland”, particularly relevant in light of Banksy’s current exhibition, Dismaland. I was familiar with some of Magne’s compositions, many of which have similar Prog based grooves, but this came as a total revelation. He even name checks another innovator from the pre-Hip-Hop days, Melvin Van Peebles, and the amusing hybrid, “Flash Gordon Lightfoot”. Beat digger manna.

GZA collaborating with Vangelis?!

This is way more exciting than some half-assed Wu reunion, and certainly more than a (still unsold) $5 million, one of a kind, document of any such reunion. VanGZAlis.

GZA and Vangelis

Help fund a documentary on famous Atlanta institution, The Clermont Hotel and Lounge and watch GG Allin makeout with dancer, Blondie

Though it has changed over the years, The Clermont Lounge is still a necessary stop on any tour of Atlanta. Even with the influx of the college crowd for dance/karaoke nights, the bar retains a unique vibe (and a bathroom that could give the legendary CBGB’s a run for it’s money, in the “don’t touch anything” department), not the least of which is due to the colorful characters dancing on the stage behind the bar, picking out their own music from the bar’s CD jukebox. I remember being there once during a rather quiet early evening when a dancer asked me what I wanted to hear. Being that I figured Prince was an unassailable option for virtually any situation, much less a strip club, such was my request. Well, lemme tell ya, one Prince song turned into a veritable Prince party, with all the ladies choosing their favorites.

The Clermont may be a strip club, but it’s the one that you can convince your more, um, ‘sensitive’ friends to attend. This is not a plastic surgery enhanced spectacle or young women putting themselves through college sorta bar. In fact most of the dancers are old enough to be putting their children, and even some grandchildren, through college, and their attitude reflects the difference in a welcoming way. It’s a freewheeling environment with, other than occasionally drunk and surly dancer, a personable staff and generally diverse crowd.

I’m not sure if they’re still doing bands, but they used to host a quality mix of underground acts, including an impromptu performance by temporary hotel resident, GG Allin, and he didn’t even get arrested. How’s that for underground cred? GG and Blondie! What a couple!

And there’s this tribute from Bubba Sparxxx

clermont lounge

Run The Jewels, Massive Attack, Pussy Riot and more, to perform at Banksy’s new art installation, Dismaland

By now you’ve all heard about the Dismaland “bemusement park”/art installation, which has been overflowing with visitors. As if it wasn’t already constantly at capacity, Banksy’s scheduled weekly entertainment for the event, pushing his multimedia platform one step further. My only question is, how did he not book Neil Hamburger for comedy night? Hamburger was born for this shit! Either way, blockbuster nights, for sure.

28 August DJ night with DJ Yoda, Peanut Butter Wolf and Breakbeat Lou

4 September Run The Jewels

11 September Comedy night with MC Roger Monkhouse, Simon Munnery, Mick Ferry, Adam Bloom, Katherine Ryan, Michael Fabbri and Jarred Christmas

18 September Sleaford Mods, Savages and a local band

25 September Kate Tempest, Pussy Riot and Massive Attack