These windshield wipers will rock you!

Puts me in mind of another winter classic…


Ummm… so Walmart is selling Throbbing Gristle, GG Allin, The Residents, Cro-Magnon and Negativland releases

WTF is going on, Walmart?! Cro-Magnon?! Pretty soon they’ll be spotlighting the entire Nurse With Wound List collection! With Xmas season revving up, you can now tell your Walmart shopping granny to grab you a Scumfucs record, next time she’s at her favorite one stop. Sometimes reality IS stranger than fiction. It goes without saying, support your local record store(s).

Song of the Day : Die Haut ft Nick Cave, Blixa Bargeld, Lydia Lunch, Kid Congo Powers, Alexander Hacke – Little Doll

Die Haut and guests, ripping into The Stooges classic.

Song of The Day: Liaisons Dangereuses – Los niños del parque

Whadaya get when you combine one member with time in Mania D and Einsturzende Neubauten, another with time in DAF, and top it off with a female singer/keyboardist? (Oh, and they recorded with Conny Plank manning the boards)

Happy Birthday, Blixa Bargeld

Bad Seed Blixa sharing vocals with Nick The Stripper

See Blixa make Risotto with Calamari. Next week check out Genesis P Orridge’s Conch Fritters, on our new weekly segment, To Die For: Industrial Ingredients