It’s a Black Velvet Birthday for Alannah Myles

If you’ve ever spent anytime in a lesbian, redneck or karaoke bar, or a lesbian/redneck/karaoke bar, you have undoubtedly heard this. Should you find yourself in one of those bars and you belt this out, you’re immediately in. It’s as ubiquitous as Motown at a wedding. As far as I know, it’s the only Myles cut that I’ve ever heard and it took years of exposure in the above settings before I developed an appreciation for it’s charms. For what it’s worth, she won a Grammy for Best Female Rock Vocalist for it, although to my ears it’s got more of a Bonnie Raitt gone contemporary country sorta vibe. Also, why does Google Search turn up zip when I look for “Alannah Myles portrait on black velvet”? Is there no Alannah Myles on black velvet portrait out there?!!! Make it happen, internetz!