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Happy Birthday, Brian Bennett

Best known as the drummer for The Shadows, a hugely popular sixties instrumental group who doubled as Cliff Richards backing band, Brian Bennett was also a formidable solo composer. Bennett was among a handful of musicians who became the core of British Library Music writers, essentially providing music for hire that would be licensed out for various television, film and commercial ventures. The odd thing about taking what was essentially a commissioned job, is that, despite its commercial nature, Bennett had musical freedom and was able to work in numerous styles, as the product in which his music would be used was quite diverse. His music was used for sports show themes, in shows like Dallas and Knots Landing… it may have seemed innocuous at the time but his grooves permeated popular culture, and as a drummer, Bennett’s compositions are some of the heaviest grooving records in the Library genre. As such, his funky beats and trippy arrangements have been popular sample fodder for numerous producers, making sure that his compositions continue to be vibrant and pertinent.