Goner Records to issue recordings from Jay Reatard’s post Lost Sounds band, Angry Angles

Even if you’re like me and have all the singles, this seventeen track comp has plenty of unreleased material to make the purchase essential. Angry Angles formed after the disintegration of Lost Sounds, and paired Reatard with Alix Brown, who had previously played with Bradford Cox in The Wet Dreams, and later formed Golden Triangle. A necessary piece of the Jay Reatard puzzle, and the springboard for his solo career.



New tracks from Alicja Trout (Lost Sounds, River City Tanlines, Black Sunday, etc)

New tracks from Alicja Trout are always cause for celebration in this household. I’ve been buying her records since the second Lost Sounds single, 1 + 1 = Nothing, appeared in 2001. Shit, I was so into her stuff that I was buying Black Sunday CDRs, and River City Tanlines test pressings from her self-run label/distributor, Contaminated Records. Actually, my collection contains more Lost Sounds related product than any other rock group of this decade, which speaks volumes not only of my devotion, but of the quality of their output.

Between the aforementioned projects, and others including Mouserocket, Destruction Unit, and Nervous Patterns, Alicja maintained a frenzied release schedule, all while consistently touring with Lost Sounds (whom I had the good fortune of seeing three times). In the past few years, the releases and touring have been much fewer and further between, as, I assume, the lifestyle change of being a doting mother has taken precedence. Thankfully she’s keeping the world up to date on her most recent project, Alicja-pop, via a Soundcloud page, which features three tracks in her inimitable style, released this week.

In further news, it appears that she is doing a Lost Sounds (R.I.P. Jay) reboot, called Sweet Knives, for two shows, May 15th at The Hi-Tone in Memphis and May 16th at the Hozac Blackout Fest in Chicago. I wish that I could attend either, and would highly recommend any in those areas to do just that.