Song of The Day, two ways: Female Trouble, by Divine and Those Darlins

It appears that Nashville rockers, Those Darlins, are calling it a day, after completing their tour in January. Having seen them several times, I recommend you catch any of the remaining dates, as they can burn up a stage. Also, as a farewell gift, they recorded a great take on the theme from Female Trouble, as performed by Divine.


Ummm… so Walmart is selling Throbbing Gristle, GG Allin, The Residents, Cro-Magnon and Negativland releases

WTF is going on, Walmart?! Cro-Magnon?! Pretty soon they’ll be spotlighting the entire Nurse With Wound List collection! With Xmas season revving up, you can now tell your Walmart shopping granny to grab you a Scumfucs record, next time she’s at her favorite one stop. Sometimes reality IS stranger than fiction. It goes without saying, support your local record store(s).

Four disc set of the Velvet Underground’s 1969 Matrix performances to receive debut release, October 30th!

Snippets of these tapes have been circulating for awhile, and based on those clips, this is HUUUUGE news for Velvets fans. I know how I’ll be spending my Halloween!

Gutterdämmerung adds two more legends to it’s cast…

Say hello to Lemmy Kilmister and Tom Araya.

The previous installment…

John Carpenter to go on limited tour in support of Lost Themes, to which there will be a follow-up record, AND there’s a collaboration with Jean-Michel Jarre on his forthcoming record!

No dates released yet, but this is huge news for fans of John Carpenter as composer/musician. His first tour!
Also, the snippets of the JMJ collaboration, in this interview, sounds EXACTLY like you want.

Kiss’, Paul Stanley, forms nine person, Soul covers band, Soul Station

He’s not playing guitar, and adamant about not doing Kiss songs, but sticking with classic soul material, which is apparently near and dear to his heart. This got me to thinking though: why can’t someone do Soul versions of Kiss songs? It would be so easy, and the band name Soul Kiss is just dying to be used. I can already picture the choreographed dance routines to I Was Made For Lovin’ You. Detroit Soul City.