Songs of The Day: Trio – Hearts Are Trump, and Sunday You Need Love

Trio really nail the Sunday Valentine’s vibe with this one-two punch. One of my favorite bands to arise from the NDW.



and a bonus, original German language version Herz Ist Trumpf


Song Of The Day: Rizzo – I Don’t Care

A total discovery, courtesy of it’s inclusion on the forthcoming Cherrystones curated compilation, Critical Mass: Splinters From The Worldwide New-Wave, Post-Punk and Industrial Underground 1978 – 1984. Led by Martin Hesse, formerly of Prog Rock bands Dull Knife and Jane, Rizzo’s discography consists of a sole LP, Public Animal, released on No Fun Records in 1981. No idea what the rest of their record sounds like, but if it’s anything like I Don’t Care, I need a copy.

rizzo band