The Mash Up you’ve always been waiting for… Lou Reed Vs Brian Eno in Metal Machine Music For Airports


Psych and Experimental music distributor, Volcanic Tongue, is shutting down

I just discovered that one of the premier spots for weird and obscure music, both vintage and modern, Volcanic Tongue, is closing down. For the past decade, Volcanic Tongue has been at the epicenter of the small press, independent music scene, championing the spirit of experimentation and creativity. You could always rely on the VT aesthetic as a discerning arbiter of the complex world of underground music, and their reviews, regardless of the product, were always insightful and intelligent.

If there’s any good news to be gleaned from this, it’s that over the next few months, VT will be reducing prices and clearing out their inventory, and there’s still tons of great and rare stuff for the daring consumer. Best of luck to the VT staff on all future endeavors!