Drop what you’re doing and watch the most wtf The Shining, parody(?), ever, The Chickening

Depending on what drugs you’re on, you may never come back…


For all the art students out there… Shocking Art Supplies!

Yet another quality take down of the modern hipster lifestyle, and those catering to it, from Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen, with a little help from Shepard Fairey. “The butt is in the front”.

Tommy Wiseau’s The Room Vs. The Monkees! Plus, The Literal Video Version of Daydream Believer!

A one-two punch for Micky Dolenz birthday.
Who doesn’t wanna see a million adaptations of The Room?

They managed to pull off a pretty good literal video out of this rather static Monkees promo

It’s Raining Blood! Hallelujah!

Once billed as an, “all metal tribute to The Bee-Gees”, Tragedy have moved beyond the siblings of super hits and begun incorporating other chart toppers into their repertoire. Currently making rounds on the blogs is their reworking of everyone’s favorite Grease karaoke singalong, You’re The One That I Want, but to these ears this Weather Girls meets Slayer mashup, which makes metal’s homoeroticism that much more overt, is the real winner.

And, of course, the Bee-Gee’s falsettos do lend themselves to metal interpretation, and Tragedy is an awesome metal band name.