Watch the trailer for the new Julien Temple directed documentary , The Ecstasy of Wilko Johnson

Wilko Johnson is one of the most unique and powerful guitarists to have emerged from the first era of UK Punk and Pub Rock. After watching the trailer check out the following set with Wilko absolutely slaying it with Dr Feelgood in 1975, if any evidence to that fact is necessary. Slashing chords that clearly had an influence on the nascent Punk scene. Oh, Game of Thrones fans will also recognize Wilko as mute executioner, Ilyn Payne.


Happy birthday, Dave Edmunds

Let’s start off with the Jeff Lynne (all things should start with Jeff Lynne) produced, Slipping Away, which was one of only two Edmunds solo cuts to crack the US Top 40, thirteen years after his cover of, I Hear You Knocking.

The original version of “Queen of Hearts”, written by Hank DeVito, which would become a huge crossover country pop hit for Juice Newton, a few years later

An absolute scorcher, from the Edmunds/Lowe supergroup, Rockpile

I’m no Robert Plant fan, but this live version of Elvis’, Little Sister, is almost as much fun as the guys look like they’re having. I remember MTV playing this pretty regularly, back in the day.

And a Rockpile documentary, which I’ve yet to watch, in closing.