Babes In Toyland fan? 3 shows just posted!



Just posted video of The Cramps live at the Mudd Club in 1981!!!

Taken from an episode of Paul Tschinkel’s Inner Tube, this footage looks and sounds fantastic! So excited to watch 30 minutes of prime Congo era Cramps! Dig the set list:

01 Don’t Eat Stuff Off The Sidewalk
02 New Kind Of Kick
03 The Green Fuz
04 Can’t Find My Mind
05 Goo Goo Muck
06 Natives Are Restless
07 TV Set
08 Sunglasess After Dark
09 Voodoo Idol
10 Human Fly
11 I Was A Teenage Werewolf
12 Beautiful Gardens

Watch a recently posted video of Teen Angels, and understand why I miss Kelly Canary

Kelly Canary was the throat shredding vocalist for one of the toughest bands to emerge, if only slightly, from the Seattle Grunge scene, Dickless. With only a single and a few comp tracks to their name, Dickless’ discography is woefully scant and I’ve been waiting years for a proper retrospective, and/or some live footage, to no avail. Fortunately, youtube user Mike Ziegler, has been uploading a veritable fuck ton of rare performances (do yourself a favor and check his page, but set aside some time), and hidden among them is this set from Canary’s post-Dickless band, Teen Angels. With the frightening ferocity of a cornered feral beast, Canary growls and screams in a manner that must have been hell on her vocal chords, but is absolute manna for someone attracted to musical primal rage.

For those interested in enjoying a full night of mid-90’s Punk spew as it existed, there are sets from the same show featuring Red Aunts and Clawhammer.


Teen Angels disbanded after just a couple of years, and Canary is now a lawyer, working as a public defender, and for a time providing legal advice for the Innocence Project. There’s even a C-Span video in which she appears with Damien Echols, incarcerated as a member of the West Memphis 3 and author of Life After Death, discussing both Echols case and wrongful conviction  in general.

I would like to thank Kelly Canary for both her music and her work in public defense, but would also like to add that I’ll be waiting for any return to the stage, unlikely though it may be, some twenty years later.

Ben and Alastair, from Country Teasers, to release a song for song cover of Pink Floyd’s, The Wall!

I know that I’ve been AWOL around these parts, but I also know that many of you who visit this page are big Teasers fans, hence this brief return. It will be a vinyl only release via In The Red Records, appx summertime.

Newly posted footage of The Feelies circa 1979/80

Didn’t get to see The Feelies live til the mid-80’s, at which point I saw them every time they played my town, and was never left anything other than blown away and exhausted. One of the greatest live bands ever.

Also, if you have not, do yourself a favor and check out Paul Tschinkel’s youtube archives. Mucho amazingness.

Who doesn’t wanna hear a pair of Brazilian kids cover The Misfits? Say hello to Os Desconhecidos

And The Ramones, Devo, Sisters of Mercy, Black Sabbath, The Cure, The Trashmen, Raul Seixas and more. Love these kids. Into the wardrobe changes, too.








Smash it! Sonny Bono goes punk… on The Love Boat

Why couldn’t we have gotten an album outta Deacon Dark?

If you haven’t been to Night Flight’s site (yes, they of 80’s New Wave Theater fame), I highly recommend it.

There’s a treasure trove of original DC Hardcore legends, Government Issue, live recordings on Bandcamp.

Also, singer, John Stabb has been battling cancer, and has a Go Fund Me page for those able to help with hospitalization costs . I’m assuming the Bandcamp DL money will also, at least partially, help to this end, as well. Best wishes to Stabb.

Songs of The Day: Trio – Hearts Are Trump, and Sunday You Need Love

Trio really nail the Sunday Valentine’s vibe with this one-two punch. One of my favorite bands to arise from the NDW.



and a bonus, original German language version Herz Ist Trumpf