SS/Sol Re Sol Records is issuing Alceu Valenca’s, 1974, Molhado de Suor, for the first time in the US.

Alceu Valenca was a premier exponent of what is known as Udigrudi, a genre of music peculiar to Northeastern Brazil, and also practiced by the likes of Ze Ramalho, Lula Cortes, Marconi Notaro and Geraldo Azevedo, with whom Valenca partnered for his recording debut, in 1972. To be honest, the differences in Udigrudi and the more well known Tropicalia, other than specific geography, are unknown to me. Both possess a psychedelic flare, and merged the influence of western popular music with traditional Brazilian rhythms, all while voicing social and political concerns. Udigrudi, Tropicalia, whatever, it’s spring and the perfect time to enjoy these beautiful South American sounds.