Step into the world of Roger Ballen, with the new short, Outland

The sorta short that should appeal to fans of Larry Clarke and Harmony Korine. Coinciding with the re-release of 2001’s photographic collection, Odyssey, this film explores the people of South Africa as documented by Roger Ballen. Taken together with last year’s, Asylum of The Birds, both directed by Ben Jay Crossman, the foreign worlds of Ballen’s photography truly come to life before your eyes. Having lived in South Africa for fortyish years now, Ballen has a familiarity and rapport with the land and it’s people, that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. His photographs give voice to shantytown outcasts and empowers them with a grim nobility, that, thanks to his collaborations with the musical phenomenon of Die Antwoord (with whom he has collaborated on both the video and book for I Fink U Freeky), has had the chance to resonate with a much wider global audience. And if Yolandi Visser declares you, “…the weirdest person I’ve ever met in my life.”, you can rest assured the man has a unique perspective.