Barbie licenses Andy Warhol image for new doll

An official collaboration between the toy doll maker, and the Andy Warhol Foundation, for a match made in plastic Pop Culture heaven.



Why Lego Is Spending Millions To Ditch Oil-Based Plastic


A company voluntarily, and at great expense, thinking beyond profits, attempting to lower their carbon footprint. Meanwhile American companies spend billions of dollars lobbying against any environmental law that might have the slightest impact on their bottom line. Kudos to Lego.

Funko Orphan Black vinyl figures coming soon

I don’t collect vinyl figures, although I think Funko does great work. I just have waaaay too much shit and don’t need another area of collectables to start hoarding. That being said, these Orphan Black figures are awesome, and if someone got ’em for me as a gift, I wouldn’t be mad at ’em. Of course that would mean a trip to, ugh, Hot Topic. While I understand the Orphan Black appeal to the Hot Topic demographic, I still find it odd that they think they can sell enough product associated with a BBC show to angsty American teens to make it worth their while. I guess if they don’t, you could load up when they hit the discount bins.