The most awesome WTF musical action that I’ve had the pleasure to hear in awhile

All I know is that they go by Darkkey, hail from Kuala Lumpur, and have just blown my mind! Oh, also, there appear to be several video versions of this song. Wow… just wow.


It was Judy Greer’s birthday yesterday, and I’m guessing that, yes, there absolutely was a margarita in her mouth.

I’m still confused as to why Judy Greer doesn’t get a fraction of the recognition of Kristen Wiig (in no way am I knocking Wiig, btw). Maybe she doesn’t have the SNL comedy cred? Anyway, with a fantastic series, Married, and her upcoming starring role in, Addicted To Fresno, (not to mention her vocal talent on display in Archer) perhaps that’s all about to change, and we can all go to Señor Tadpoles to celebrate. Spring break!

Married is the most honest show about modern marriages and relationships of which I’m aware. It’s also manages to be simultaneously sweet and nasty, and always hilarious, in a manner that never seems forced. I just binge watched Season 1 last week, and have been singing it’s praises since.

ABC’s 2008 comedy, Miss Guided, was Greer’s debut starring role in a series, but was unfortunately cancelled after one season. Having watched it, I have to say that it must have not gotten proper promotion, because it’s a great show, and proof that Greer’s comic star should have risen long ago.

What’s that game people play? The Six Inches of Kevin Bacon?

A repost for Kevin Bacon’s birthday. Remember that time in Friday The 13th when there was a weird Bacon boner?

Fear boner

The Kanyeoke debacle

I understand his attempt at pandering to his audience, but sweet jesus walks, that was horrible. Let’s not even get started on his quote that he is “the greatest living Rock star”. It’s kinda like if you have to declare yourself cool, then you are most certainly not, ya know? Maybe he should have tried to get Queen to back him for the inevitable hybrid collabo, Queezie, as in this shit is making me queasy.

NPR profiles Vaudeville’s “World’s Worst Sister Act”, The Cherry Sisters

cherry sisters

Or as an 1896 New York Times article called them, “Four freaks from Iowa”.

“When the curtain went up…[t]he audience saw three creatures surpassing the witches in Macbeth in general hideousness. … Their long, skinny arms, equipped with talons at the extremities, swung mechanically , and anon were waved frantically at the suffering audience. The mouths of their rancid features opened like caverns, and sounds like the wailing of damned souls issued therefrom. They pranced around the stage…strange creatures with painted features and hideous mien. Effie is spavined, Addie is knock-kneed and string-halt, and Jessie, the only one who showed her stockings, has legs without calves, as classic in their outlines as the curves of a broom handle.” -from an 1898 review in the Odebolt Chronicle

You had me at “the wailing of damned souls”.

Despite, or perhaps due to, this being just the tip of the critical iceberg (this one being really more physically critical, I would say painfully cruel if it weren’t so outrageously over-the-top, than anything else), the Cherry Sisters enjoyed packed houses wherever they went. So great was their fame, that they were name dropped by Mae West in one of her movies (as an example of some manner of atrociousness), and the Iowa Supreme Court, upon ruling a libel suit instigated by the sisters against a paper reprinting the above slander, stated: “If there ever was a case justifying ridicule and sarcasm…it is the one now before us… [T]he performance given by the [sisters] was not only childish, but ridiculous in the extreme. A dramatic critic should be allowed considerable license in such a case.”. Upon their retirement in 1903, it is said that after seven years of touring, the sisters walked away with the sizable turn of the century sum of $200,000. Clearly they had found a niche market, yet the question remained: were they in on it, and if not how could they not be with such reviews and receptions?

“They were simply awful … At one minute the scene was like the incurable ward in an insane asylum, the next it was like a camp meeting. Cigars, cigarettes, rubbers everything was thrown at them, yet they stood there awkwardly bowing their acknowledgments and singing on.” – Cedar Rapids Gazette, 1893

“They were just a quartet of incompetents and they were so indifferent to their reception by the public, that they were in demand for many years at a salary far higher than what would have been accorded them if they had possessed any real ability. There was, though, something approaching cruelty in the spectacle which these poor females presented, night after night, in exhibiting their crudities to howling, insulting audiences.” – from Robert Grau’s book The Business Man in the Amusement World

“totally unclassified tones, indescribably in their awfulness. All expectations of a rank performance were disappointed. It was lots, lots ranker than anyone in his sane moments ever imagined.” – unidentified audience member

“A locksmith with a strong, rasping file could earn ready wages taking the kinks out of Lizzie’s voice.” -from a 1936 New York World Telegram obituary listing for sister Elizabeth

“They began as the four worst professional actresses in the world and ended without improving one iota.”

As an aside to their performances, I was interested to note that the sisters maintained a strong stance against what they saw as a sinful loosening of morals, not the least of which were womens fashion and demon alcohol. Sister Effie was so motivated by her beliefs, that she twice ran for mayor, campaigning on those very ideals. I also love the much more modern thinking of the following quote (unattributed to a specific sister): “We are too devoted to each other to consider matrimony and we could never stand the shock of being dictated to by a man.”

Follow the links to the original NPR piece and the two articles from which it sprang, one by noted Strange/Outsider music authority, and WFMU DJ, Irwin Chusid, whose book, Songs In The Key of Z, The Curious Universe of Outsider Music, features a piece on the Cherry Sisters, alongside such icons of unique musical vision as The Shaggs, Jandek, Harry Partch, etc.