Song of The Day: John Stewart – Gold

I’ve loved this song ever since it used to play on my mom’s AM car radio. The harmony between Stewart, and, an uncredited, Stevie Nicks, puts it over the top. Also, I just found out that Stewart was a long standing member of The Kingston Trio, and wrote The Monkees #1 hit, Daydream Believer. Happy birthday, John.


Happy birthday to John Oates and his mustache

I absolutely love Hall & Oates, always have and always will. Apparently though, it is not in the cards for me to see them live. I had tickets to see them in Big Flats, NY, and they cancelled due to illness. A year or two later as I was visiting my parents in Florida, I found out that they were playing at a great theater, a few miles from my folks home. My girlfriend and I planned to pick up tickets, the following day, but you know what I woke up to? My mom telling me to turn on the TV because a plane had crashed into the Twin Towers. Yep, it was 9-11. Needless to say, the tour dates were off and I have not attempted to see them since. I mean, I was raised on them and clearly I adore their infectious pop/soul hybrid, but who wants to be responsible for national disasters?
On a lighter note, please enjoy this animated ode to the glory of Oates’ mustache