Joyeux anniversaire, Brigitte Bardot: première partie – la musique


Francoise Hardy gets 5 LP reissue series from Light In The Attic Records

And they even coaxed an interview out of the reclusive chanteuse, for the liner notes. I’ve only managed to snag an original of her 1962 debut, Tous Les Garçons Et Les Filles, out of the five forthcoming records, which features Le Temps de L’Amour, recently brought to public consciousness via Wes Anderson’s, Moonrise Kingdom, and several commercials that followed in its wake.

Bon anniversaire, Sylvie Vartan

The French were waaaay ahead of the game in the making of music videos. So many cool 60’s French Pop clips available, and this is but a small sampling of some of Sylvie Vartan’s best.

Joyeux anniversaire, Jacques Dutronc

The fact that so few people outside of France are familiar with the name, Jacques Dutronc, is criminal. His sixties and seventies sides are every bit as good as the more renowned, Serge Gainsbourg, and his writing for future wife, Francoise Hardy, should have assured Dutronc’s place in the consciousness of music lovers worldwide. Leave it to the French and Francophiles to accord the man his proper place as a legend.

Great footage of Jacques and Francoise in the studio, nearly fifteen years before their marriage

even more amazing clips, including Dutronc ripping up a version of Les Cactus, with a small combo