There’s a treasure trove of original DC Hardcore legends, Government Issue, live recordings on Bandcamp.

Also, singer, John Stabb has been battling cancer, and has a Go Fund Me page for those able to help with hospitalization costs . I’m assuming the Bandcamp DL money will also, at least partially, help to this end, as well. Best wishes to Stabb.


Song of The Day: Johan Timman – Look Out For The Killer

I’m well overdue for getting into the Halloween season spirit, so let me start off with this amazing, creepy, synthesizer workout from Johan Timman. This wasn’t written for a soundtrack, but appears on Timman’s sole LP, 1981’s Trip Into The Body. From the title to the fortress of synths, to the keytar and talk box, this track has got everything you could want from the era. Someone please license this, so it can take it’s rightful place in a Horror flick.

A different, slightly longer version. I can’t believe there exists two video versions of this rarity.

Song of The Day: The Look – We’re Gonna Rock

Start the weekend off right, with this anthemic rocker from Detroit band, The Look. I bet WLLZ and WRIF played the shit outta this song, back in the day when radio stations could actually play local acts.