Listen to the brand new LCD Soundsystem song, Christmas Will Break Your Heart

Did not see this one coming.


Watch Platinum Tips, from Royal Trux performance at Webster Hall, last night

The reunion moves on, as a third reunion date has been confirmed for next year’s Levitation Festival.

Song of The Day: Tamaryn – Softcore

Absolutely loving this track, featured on Tamaryn’s most recent Mexican Summer Records LP, Cranekiss. Dark, atmospheric Pop, that very few people seem to be able to do well these days. Produced by Jorge Elbrecht, of Violens and Lansing-Dreiden fame, who most recently worked with both Ariel Pink and Caroline Polachek, in addition to his fabulous Coral Cross and Drynx projects, and god knows what else, creating an impressively diverse and resume.

Sharing a second, more recent version, as it appears that the drummer has been replaced by programmed beats.

Watch the new video for The Seth Bogart Show, Eating Makeup. Hunx and Kathleen Hanna!

You can always trust Seth to bring the party, and the addition of Kathleen Hanna (she’s does not appear in the video) brings me back to Le Tigre’s 1999 debut, which was on constant rotation in my store back then.

Emitt Rhodes is crowdfunding his first full length release in over 40 years!

While a few songs have trickled forth from Rhodes over the past five, or so, years, this will be the first full length release since 1973’s, Farewell To Paradise. Rhodes’ band includes Roger Manning Jr and Jason Falkner, perhaps best known for their work with Beck and Air, and features appearances by Aimee Mann, Susannah Hoffs, and Wilco’s Pat Sansone and Nels Cline (who both previous to and concurrent with his Wilco tenure, is a highly acclaimed, and often experimental, Jazz guitarist), to name a few. Powerpop lovers rejoice!

Follow the link to donate and watch a video about the recording.

3 CD set The Complete Them 1964-1967, features previously unreleased demos, alternates, outtakes and BBC recordings!

To be clear, these are the complete recordings of the Van Morrison era Them, with no recordings from the post Van years (so no Belfast Gypsies). One of my favorite bands, I consider all Them from this era totally essential. I can’t wait to hear all the gems on disc 3.

Alright Star Wars fans… the Jar Jar Binks theory that you need to read

Okay, so no amount of crazy character revelation/plot manipulation, in the forthcoming The Force Awakens, is gonna save the prequel trilogy from being the steaming pile that it is, but this theory certainly helps to make it less of an embarrassment to the series as a whole. Suffice it to say, the point is made that Disney, having to acknowledge and include the much despised prequel as both a matter of fact and a still marketable commodity, has, with The Force Awakens, to address one of the major grievances with the prequel. This redditor makes a great case for the best way to do so, and one which is both viable and functional within the established storyline. If you’re into this sorta fan theory, I highly recommend reading both the original post and the comments, which flesh the theory out even further.
And if somehow you’ve made it to this blog and have not seen the new Japanese trailer for The Force Awakens, which is significantly more exciting than the American one, here it is…

Ash vs Evil Dead is everything an Evil Dead fan could want

There are so many nods to the original movie series (though I’ll leave this post spoiler free) in this first episode, that you know Raimi and crew were doing it with the fans in mind. The soundtrack’s use of Space Truckin’ and Journey To The Center of The Mind, aside from being awesome in general, is totally apropos for Ash being a 70’s Michigander, undoubtedly raised on WLLZ and WRIF. I have absolutely zero complaints to level with the premier and only hope that the rest of it keeps up the pace. Also, it’s great to have Bruce back in a starring role (his last legitimate lead being the 2000 series, Jack of All Trades), and reuniting with Lucy Lawless, to boot!