Ben and Alastair, from Country Teasers, to release a song for song cover of Pink Floyd’s, The Wall!

I know that I’ve been AWOL around these parts, but I also know that many of you who visit this page are big Teasers fans, hence this brief return. It will be a vinyl only release via In The Red Records, appx summertime.


Newly posted live video of Country Teasers in Louisville

Having posted several other Country Teasers videos, I’m always surprised at how many views they end up receiving. It’s not like they are a particularly well known band, but those of us who love them, obviously cannot get enough.

Four Country Teasers, and one The Rebel, live/radio shows, plus Male Nurse collection available for download at dropbox

Courtesy of Facebook’s Country Teasers fan page. Because a Country Teasers fan is a hungry sort of miscreant.

Download sets from Country Teasers and The Rebel

Thanks to the WFMU Free Music Archive, which has a ton of other awesome in studio performances in it’s library.

A great sounding gig from Brian Turner’s radio show on 6-27-06

And Ben Wallers returned two years later as The Rebel, for another top notch show

The Country Teasers have another live LP coming out.

The best band of antagonistic, un-PC, Scottish drunks to ever turn the influence of Mark E Smith into it’s own genre. The one time that I saw them, sandwiched between a pre-fame Black Lips and outsider musician Wesley Willis, they finished off a bottle of Jack Daniels onstage by their third or fourth song, and proceeded to rule the night. Front man, Ben Wallers, continues to blaze a unique path with projects like The Rebel, and The Devil.
Here’s a great profile on the elusive, Wallers