Happy birthday to Sam The Sham Sumudio

Someone get that man a Ring Dang Doo! Now Wooly Bully!














R.I.P. to New Orleans Soul legend, Allen Toussaint

More famous for the hitmaking successes that other artists had with his songs (none more so than Lee Dorsey) than his own recordings, Allen Touissant was nevertheless just as prodigious a talent at the fore as behind the scenes, to which the following songs will attest. Just a few Touissant compositions you might know: Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky, Ride Your Pony, Working In A Coal Mine, Mother-In-Law, Fortune Teller, Ruler of My Heart, A Certain Girl, Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette), Get Out My Life, Woman, and many more. His impact on New Orleans Soul, and Soul in general, is tremendous. Stroll on, Allen!

And a documentary which I hope to get around to watching this week.

Birthday remembrances of Duane Allman

While known predominantly for his work with The Allman Brothers and Derek and The Dominoes, Duane Allman also spent a year as a session musician at the celebrated Muscle Shoals Studios playing on records from legends like Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin, Arthur Conley, Clarence Carter and others. His style was both soulful and fluid, and his slide work the equal of any. The plaintive solo on the second half of Derek and The Dominoes, Layla, is as great a lead/melody as I can think of and would have assured him a place in musical history without any other accolades. His playing counterpoint in The Allman Brothers, Dickey Betts, complemented Allman’s style perfectly, pushing him to such heights that their twenty plus minute jams never seemed tired, and that is saying something.
Let’s start things with the heartbreaking Layla solo (which cannot be heard without picturing the montage of murder that Martin Scorsese attached to it in Goodfellas)

Two from Johnny Jenkins album that was originally intended to be Duane’s solo album

one of the few Allman Brothers video clips featuring Duane

And he was a fan of one of my favorite bands of that era, The Hampton Grease Band, so bonus points for that!