Today is Eddie Hazel’s birthday. Now watch one of the greatest live performances to which you shall ever bear witness.

Seriously, THIS is as good as it gets. Thirteen minutes of vintage Funkadelic, running through a medley of I Got A Thing, What Is Soul, I Just Want To Testify, I Was Made To Love Her, Friday Night August 14th, Music For My Mother which degenerates into a full blown Psychedelic Gospel and includes nods to The Right Time and It’s Your Thing, while George in the throws of the holy ghost and some seriously heavy blotter writhes on the ground, whistling and speaking in tongues. Yep, it’s that kinda show. I dunno how a band can be this loose and tight at the same time.




Ron Asheton guesting on Stooges covers with J Mascis + The Fog, Feb 3, 2001

This is a great set, with Mascis really stepping up to the plate (how could he not, Ron Asheton’s in the house!) and Mike Watt not only on bass but doing double duty as Iggy. Features some Dinosaur chestnuts, and a cover of Maggot Brain, in addition to five (!) Stooges covers with Ron destroying it.

Watt’s tour diary of the show¬†

Real Cool Time (with Ron Asheton)
Same Day – 0:08:30
Blowin It – 0:13:45
Little Fury Things – 0:19:14
Back Before You Go – 0:23:05
All The Girls – 0:27:25
Raisins – 0:31:05
Wastin’ – 0:36:07
I’m Not Fine – 0:40:00
Repulsion – 0:43:28
Ammaring – 0:46:50
Maggot Brain – 0:54:39
More Light – 0:59:30
TV Eye (w/ Ron Asheton) – 1:05:38
—-Encore —–
Down On The Street (w/ Ron Asheton) – 1:14:35
Not Right (w/ Ron Asheton) – 1:19:10
No Fun (w/ Ron Asheton) – 1:24:20
Loose (w/ Ron Asheton) – 1:29:25