Happy birthday to Sam The Sham Sumudio

Someone get that man a Ring Dang Doo! Now Wooly Bully!














Children by the million sing for Alex Chilton’s birthday, when it comes ’round

One of America’s greatest songwriters

Somehow there are no full clips of the original Big Star performing live, which is an utter tragedy considering the chemistry that Chilton, Bell, Stephens and Hummel displayed on record. The first two Big Star records are acknowledged classics of melody, structure and production, and their influence continues to grow. The third LP, aka Big Star’s Third or Sister Lovers, is a different beast all together. The product of the total dissolution of the band and pure resentment towards the music industry, Big Star’s Third is an experimental collage of a rock record, alternately delicate and harsh and constantly on the verge of imploding under the weight of mental instability, frustration and excess. It’s a Big Star record in name only (although Jody Stephens contributions include the beautiful, For You), and more a document of Chilton’s tragedies and occasional triumphs.

Amazing footage of Chilton in the studio recording his debut solo LP, Like Flies on Sherbert, a beautiful, fun chaotic mess of an LP. Watching the clips is like being a fly on the sherbert wall
“My life was on the skids, and ‘Like Flies on Sherbert’ was a summation of that period. I like that record a lot. It’s crazy but it’s a positive statement about a period in my life that wasn’t positive.”

For anyone that’s made it this far, it’s totally worth watching this bizarre and awkward Box Tops appearance on horror host Zacherley’s, Halloween Dance Party