Just posted video of The Cramps live at the Mudd Club in 1981!!!

Taken from an episode of Paul Tschinkel’s Inner Tube, this footage looks and sounds fantastic! So excited to watch 30 minutes of prime Congo era Cramps! Dig the set list:

01 Don’t Eat Stuff Off The Sidewalk
02 New Kind Of Kick
03 The Green Fuz
04 Can’t Find My Mind
05 Goo Goo Muck
06 Natives Are Restless
07 TV Set
08 Sunglasess After Dark
09 Voodoo Idol
10 Human Fly
11 I Was A Teenage Werewolf
12 Beautiful Gardens


Song of The Day: The Replacements – Johnny’s Gonna Die

For Johnny Thunders. Perhaps ironic that a band with it’s own substantial addictions should be writing so bleakly about another’s.

Johnny always takes more than he needs
Knows a couple chords, knows a couple leads
Johnny always needs more than he takes
Forgets a couple of chords, forgets a couple of breaks
And everybody tells me Johnny is hot
Johnny needs something that he ain’t got
And Johnny’s gonna die
Johnny’s gonna die
Johnny’s gonna die
Everybody stares and everybody hoots
Johnny always needs more than he shoots
Standing by a beach and there ain’t no lake
He’s got friends without no guts, friends that never ache
In New York City, I guess it’s cool when it’s dark
There’s one sure way, Johnny, you can leave your mark

Manuel Göttsching (Ash Ra Tempel) to be joined by Ariel Pink at Supersense Festival, Melbourne, Australia

Ariel Pink is real hit or miss with me, but this will definitely be an interesting teaming. Not expecting the Krautrock guitar bludgeon of some of the early Ash Ra, probably more the hypnotic soundscapes of later Ashra and Göttsching solo work, but who knows?


Happy birthday, Greg Hetson

As guitarist and founding member of Red Cross (pre-Kross) and Circle Jerks, Greg Hetson’s fast and furious riffage played a significant and essential part in developing my warped musical tastes. I must have played the Circle Jerks debut, Group Sex, several hundred times (which, given it’s fifteen minute running time, wasn’t all that hard to do) while trying to do 50/50’s and acid drops in my parents driveway, on my Sims, Hosoi. I wasn’t introduced to Red Cross’s 1980 EP until a little later, but I felt and instant familiarity with and affinity for it, particularly as Red Cross’, We’re A Cover Band, showed up on that Circle Jerks debut as Live Fast, Die Young.

Oh, yeah, Hetson has also been the guitarist for Bad Religion for thirty years now.