Babes In Toyland fan? 3 shows just posted!



Complete footage of The Yardbirds live in 1967, just uploaded!

Where else are you gonna see Jimmy Page whip out a Vox Phantom? Could have done without Mr You’re A Better Man Than I, though.


The Boss covers The Easybeats

Watching Easybeats videos in remembrance of singer Stevie Wright, I stumbled on this cover from last year’s Australian, Bruce Springsteen tour. Watching Springsteen attack the bouncy, can’t-wait-for-the- weekend anthem, with his raspy delivery and aggressive demeanor, makes for a fascinating study in contrasts. Fortunately, because it’s The Boss, it totally works. R.I.P. Stevie.

Happy birthday, Marc Bolan

I cannot begin to limit my Tyrannosaurus Rex/T Rex favorites, so I’m gonna take the easy out and post the excellent Born To Boogie documentary, and the Wembley 1972 gig that accompanies it on the DVD release (hint: BUY IT). The music of Marc Bolan figures into my life as prominently as just about any musician, and to see him at his prime is just transcendent. Boogie on, Electric Warrior.