Song of The Day: Johan Timman – Look Out For The Killer

I’m well overdue for getting into the Halloween season spirit, so let me start off with this amazing, creepy, synthesizer workout from Johan Timman. This wasn’t written for a soundtrack, but appears on Timman’s sole LP, 1981’s Trip Into The Body. From the title to the fortress of synths, to the keytar and talk box, this track has got everything you could want from the era. Someone please license this, so it can take it’s rightful place in a Horror flick.

A different, slightly longer version. I can’t believe there exists two video versions of this rarity.


Happy birthday, Klaus Schulze

Before embarking on a synthly single minded solo career, Klaus Schulze was briefly a drummer for Tangerine Dream (see amazing video from 1969 below), and a founding member of Ash Ra Tempel, whose Krautrock classic, 1971 eponymous debut, features his drumming and synth talents, as well.

Crazy that footage of this bizarre pairing exists. Absolutely love it!

Happy birthday to Synth/Electronic Music trailblazer, Mort Garson

Mort Garson remains one of the great unsung heros of the synthesizer. Often going uncredited, or under a pseudonym, Garson released albums for Satanic Black Masses, songs for plants, hippie exploitation tie-ins, audio erotica, and a whole twelve part series dedicated to each sign of the zodiac. Unfortunately, and perhaps due to his anonymity, his name remains largely unknown today, which given the current interest in vintage synthesizer music, will hopefully soon change, as Garson’s records stand with the best of them. Dilla knew what was up

There’s a documentary on synthesizer pioneer, Suzanne Ciani, coming soon. Until then check out these amazing vintage clips

In the editing stage currently, A Life In Waves, hopes to expose the groundbreaking work of Suzanne Ciani to a larger audience. If the name is unfamiliar, you have probably heard her work in various advertisements for some of the world’s largest companies, or possibly on the classic pinball machine, Xenon. Or maybe you caught her on Late Night With David Letterman, 3-2-1 Contact, or on the Peter Ustinov hosted Omni (which features her working on Xenon!), where she was a spokesperson for innovations in keyboard sound and design. “Missed those”, you say? Well, here they are for your viewing pleasure, decades later.

Here’s a video from this year of Ciani performing on a the Moog System 55 modular

There’s also footage of Ciani working on her album, Seven Waves, in 1982

and the fully funded Kickstarter for the doc

Song Of The Day: Jean-Jacques Perrey – E.V.A. (Pied Piper Regroove)

Excellent remix of this Moog classic that you may recognize as the sample source for Gang Starr, Just To Get A Rep (DJ Premier always knows what’s up), Dr. Octagon, 3000, or Pusha T, Lunch Money, or maybe you just have dig the original, either way, this extended take is awash in trippy synth madness.