Amazing Original Vintage Pulp, Pin-Up, Comic Strip, Western, Sci-Fi, and War Art up for auction! Take a look…

Just get a gander at a few of the more popular artists represented in this collection: Alberto Vargas, Gil Elvgren, Theodore “Dr Seuss” Geisel, Charles Adams, H.R. Giger, Patrick Nagel and personal faves, Richard Powers and Robert McGinnis. While there are pieces listed in the tens of thousands, there are also pieces starting at well under $100. Even if you have no money to spend, it’s well worth your time to explore the catalog. Great works by unknown artists sit beside those of the masters of their fields.


10 Science Fiction Illustrators You Should Know

A nice primer on some notables in the field, including my favorite, Richard Powers


We’ve been big fans of Swedish illustrator, animator, and graphic designer Kilian Eng for some time. Eng’s science fiction-inspired artworks are architectural, elegant, and punctuated with electrifying colors. They also channel the iconic illustrators from the past — especially French legend Moebius. It’s no wonder the artist’s monograph Object 5 has been out of print, but publisher Floating World Comics has reissued the book as a European album hardcover with 16 new pages of art. Eng’s style has us nostalgic for some of the sci-fi illustration greats we love. Here are ten you should know.

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